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Growing up with a passion for art and telling tall tales I wanted to express my love for both through comics. When I graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado in 2011, I pursued jobs that would gain me experience in my field and will refine my skills in art. During my years as an artist I have worked as a 2D concept artist, 3D art lead, Freelance logo artist, and D&D character artist. All of which I enjoyed very much. 


My Skillset

My degree in Media Arts and Animation gave me an opportunity to harness many art skills like 2D Illustration, Concept Design, 2D Animation, and Sculpting. For years I have been drawing characters, and coming up with stories to draw to. Drawing has become more than what I do, it has become who I am.  

Other skills include 3D Character Animation, and 3D Sculpting in ZBrush. 


My Passions

My passions haven't changed much since my early years as a kid. Dogs, games and comics. 

Looking for my place in the world led me to comic art. I love the ability to tell stories with sequential art using my own two hands. I believe that is one of the best mediums that can be used to express our experiences as people. In this website you will find a large array of portfolio art that has become the foundation for my comics.  

My Family, friends, and fans never fail to inspire me to keep making great art. I couldn't have done any of this without all their help and encouragement. Seriously, thanks for all the support! 

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