Ron root Art

Grimmgard RPG Art

I worked as an artist on this fun and inspiring project called Grimmgard RPG by Todd Aaron Mika. Creating characters for an RPG has been a dream of mine going as far back as childhood. The art I created for the book are found here as well as other art that didn't make the book. 

Beyond OZ Concept Art

Beyond OZ was created to show a process of development for characters, environments, and assets to be applied to a comic or gaming project. Along with my collaborator Matt Campbell, we explored the workflow of how one could create their own independent property. 

We decided to show our process starting with a copyright free property, The Wizard of Oz. We added our own unique twist and flushed out some entertaining concept art designs for the characters, environments and assets from the story. 

Personal Art

As an artist, I am constantly thinking of new creatures and characters to draw. For myself, this process never stops. Using Digital, Traditional, and 3D mediums I keep all of that here in these portfolios of random art. Most of the works displayed will never find a home or find their way into a future project. It's sad to think that they will rot with no one to view them. So, I put them here for you to enjoy and get inspired!